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Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems and grass clippings that accumulate between the soil and growing blades of grass. With thatch removed, air, water, nutrients, herbicides and pesticides can get through to the root zone of the grass plants to do their job. Turf becomes healthier and more resistant to insect damage and disease. Dethatching removes summer-damaged grass and moss.

Significant thatch problems in lawns can cause diseases and can encourage moss to grow in the areas where grass has died. A by-product of dethatching is that moss is also removed, and depending on how deep the scarifying blades are set, root cutting can also occur, and this in turn helps grass to thicken up over time.

Dethatching at regular intervals promotes denser growth and ensures that you'll have a vibrant lawn. Dethatching is normally carried out in autumn or spring.

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