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Dealing with insects and pests can be a vexing problem. Often times the best pesticide for the job, the one that will do the job the first time, is restricted and is only available to a licenced pesticide applicator who has been trained to use the pesticide safely.. The application of restricted use pesticides (RUP's) is restricted to trained applicators holding a Commercial Applicators License from the Commonweath of Massachusetts to insure that these restricted use pesticides are used safely and effectively. The state provides a formal pesticides education program with study materials, classes and workshops at the University of Massachusetts, and requres that all licensees pass a written examination.

Thomas P. Ryland is licensed to use pesticides to meet the pest control needs of residential, institutional and commercial proerties. When you have an infestation to control, we have availability of the right pesticides, the tools and know-how to meet your needs.

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