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Laying Sod

While laying sod is initially a little more expensive than seeding, there are times when you just cannot restrict an area from use for the time it takes for a seeded lawn to establish itself and become robust enough to be walked on.

Thomas P. Ryland resodding the lawn at a local college.

Laying sod is fast and produces high-quality new lawns that can quickly go into service. Sodding produces a finished lawn immediately that is instantly attractive. Builders and homeowners both appreciate the instant lawn as it eliminates the prospect of mud during the many weeks it takes for a grass seed lawn to become established.

Other benefits:

  1. A sod lawn is healthier because it is grown professionally. Sod enjoys the best soil, regular fertilization, and generous watering for strong root development.
  2. Sod makes for a denser lawn. Grass plants are sown close together so there are no bare spots and reseeding is not necessary.
  3. Sod has no weeds. The new turf has no weeds because it is professionally grown. Not only that, the density of the sod discourages weed seed germination, minimizing the need to use herbicides in the future.
  4. Sod prevents soil erosion. Sod prevents the erosion of precious topsoil in lawn areas that are sloped or hilly. It is an immediate solution to rain runoff and other drainage problems common in bare soil.

New house before sodding

Instant lawn - ready to show

At Thomas P. Ryland, we purchase only quality sod that has been freshly cut, we prepare your land properly and install the sod to produce a healthy, attractive, robust lawn that, with proper watering, will be a source of pride to you for years to come.

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