Thomas P. Ryland Co.

Landscapers serving Hampden County & Northern Connecticut since 1931


Lawn care



Driveway, sidewalks and parking lots

Trimming and Pruning

Well manicured shrubs and trees set off a home as cared for and add curb appeal. We have the tools and know how to do even the most difficult trimming and pruning job. If a gorgeous landscape is not properly cared for, the whole effect is ruined, not to mention plants, trees, shrubs, and grass life can be threatened.

Thomas P. Ryland will keep your yard well cared for and inviting.

Trimming a high, hard to reach wall of shrubs.

Call us to get a quote on trimming and pruning your shrubs.

Thomas P. Ryland Co. - 154 Cedar Street Springfield, MA 01105 - (413) 734-7943

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