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Liquid de-Icing for Driveways and Parking Lots

Truck applying deicing liquid on a commercial parking lot in the Springfield area.

We use Liquid Magic Salt to prevent and remove ice,
the only EPA approved de-icer!

  • Environmentally Friendlier deicer
  • Nontoxic - safe for pets and humans 
  • Outperforms regular salt                                         
    • 33% more effective at melting ice
  • Deices at colder temperatures
    • Salt only works to 0, Our treatment works to -30 degrees.
  • Lasts longer at lower temperatures than other deicers
  • Deicing does not degrade Paved and Hardscape surfaces
    • Inhibits the corrosive nature of salt to steel and concrete
  • Deicing does not harm curbside grassed areas, plants, or water
  • Extensively used on highways across North America
  • Residual effect of deicing- snow and ice will not bond to paved surfaces
  • Deicer can be applied prior to a storm
  • Deicing instead of sanding eliminates need for follow-up sweeping
Deicing liquid approved by EPA

Call us for a quote on de-icing your driveway or parking log.

We also do plowing and snow removal and sanding and salting.

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