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Tree Work

Tree pruning and trimming

In the forest, natural selection means some trees will flourish and others will not, only to be replaced by others that grow up in their place. When specimen trees can take a life time to grow back, when dealing with your property we don’t have the luxury to let nature take its course. We need to take the proper actions to ensure the good health of the trees we have in our yards, because in practical terms, they are not replaceable in our lifetime. When a valued tree needs to be pruned and trimmed, it must be done in a way that creates the absolute minimal trauma to the tree, and that guarantees quick healing. The overall benefit is a tree that looks great and remains healthy.

Cutting a tree
Big equipment for big tree work

Tree removal

There will be certain situations that require a tree to be removed. It could be a dead tree that is not savable, or perhaps a tree that was damaged as a result of a storm or other outside forces. Or, perhaps a tree planted too close to your house or that presents a potential danger to your property. We are able to handle any tree removal project, no matter how big or small the tree may be. We have the tools and skilled people available to us to remove trees with the safety of people and property as our first priority. Our tree work is insured to protect you and your property.

When a job becomes too large or too complex for our staff, we bring in specialists to assist us in completing the job. The benefit to you of having a full service landscaper manage your tree work is that we can coordinate with all your other landscaping needs and make sure that when the job is done, you lawn is completely clean and restored.

Stump removal

We have the equipment to grind a stump down to actually below the ground level, so that the area can be covered with a section of sod. In a short time the new grass takes root, and there is no evidence that a tree was there.

Storm cleanup

Heavy winds can be unkind to your trees. You may find large, heavy branches all over your lawn after a storm. Don’t worry about dealing with that – just call us. We’ll take care of the storm damage and have your property looking beautiful again!

Fallen tree requires tree work

No matter how large or small the job, we have the right equipment and trained people available to us to do any tree work safely and efficiently. And when the job is done, we will make sure that your yard is cleaned up and your lawn looks great.

Call us to get a quote on your tree work requirments.

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